Klarenbeek Food Forest

Here is a short timeline of the food forest in Klarenbeek. (Translated by Google Translate from my Dutch notes)

First drought

Second drought

April 2019
I see the dead forest in the back for the first time. I see a piece of ivy creeping towards the forest and know: dead wood gives life. More sunlight will mean more green. The view from our house will definitely change.

January 2020
Planted a Christmas tree that will not survive.

February 2020
Hazelnuts and mountain ash placed against the edge of the forest. At that time no idea that 50 meters away mountain ash was spreading almost invasively.

The reason was that I initially went to see: what used to grow here? And that turned out to be a difficult question. Because: when before? 100 years ago? 400 years ago? When the Romans were here? Before the last ice age?

The correct answer? That doesn't exist, but in the end I started from the principle: everything that has ever come here on its own is indigenous. **** That means that it was not originally brought here by man, like almost all our food.

March 2020
Forest purchased. First trees in front felled.

March 2020
The orange raspberries from Huub are planted.

April 2020
Apple trees planted. More trees felled, first clearing visible.

May 2020
Cleared trees.

June 2020
Cleared trees.

July 2020
Cleared trees

August 2020
Got a wood chipper to get rid of some of the side branches from all the downed trees.

September 2020
Trees downed

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020

Planted a first large batch of native species. Including walnut, chestnut, European oak, hawthorn, and protected species.

February 2022

March 2022

April 2022

Vacation USA

May 2022

Vacation USA

June 2022

Many plants freed from competition. The ones that didn't survive aside. Everything looks a bit dry, but some plants that seemed dead now seem to have been given a life.

The leaves do look a bit yellow. Passed a bag of lime around the woods, maybe that helps in any way. The drought isn't helping.

More clear about the spot in the back left - it's a bit higher, and seems poorer and drier. Some things on the left seem to be doing well anyway.

July 2022

Blackberries pruned back. Apples saved from wasps by putting down a sweet bowl. Helped many plants with pieces of wood during the drought. Hedge broken by neighbours.

August 2022

Small apples do particularly well. Figs are doing well. Apples disappear from the trees. Ton overturned. Walnuts, chestnuts and sequoia do particularly well. Path made on the left halfway. Water filled with pool water.

January 2023

Replanted about 5 trees and 5 shrubs that were wrong. Helped some plants through the winter.

February/March 2023

200 native species planted through Stichting Heg en Landschap

April 2023

The estate now knows 2 apricots, 2 cherries and 2 plum trees